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There is a flying position open on Onyx.
You have to turn 14 anytime in the year 2016 (or older)
You would have to crossover from your current team
You would have to be on a Level 4 team
You would have to have Level 5 flying experience
You have to turn 14 anytime in the year 2016 (or older)
You would have to have Level 5 flying experience
If you are interested, please email

Sarver Gym:  (724) 353-9000

Sharpsville Gym (724) 383-4535

Anybody interested in selling their allstar prep uniforms from last year, please submit them at the gym by 6p on 9/21.  We are accepting all tops.  Only  Amethyst skirts will be accepted.  We have 2 teams this year — Morganite (pink) and Amethyst (purple).  Please complete the form below and submit the uniform at the desk.

Prep Uniform Resale Form


There are 3 different programs at FCA.    The grid below highlights pertinent information about each of the programs and the differences between them.

FCA Programs – (Click on link for details!) These prices are estimates and can change at any time.




Looking to order a mat to practice at home? All you need to do is click on the “Norberts” box to order items. Please make sure you click on it from our website so that the gym gets credit for future purchases!

What are the Gems?

The FCA Gems are successful, competitive cheer teams based out of Sarver, PA. There are teams at various levels for athletes from ages 3 to 19! There are 3 different programs available depending upon the cheerleader’s age and level of time and financial commitment desired. Please call the gym at 724.353.9000 for information. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Who are the FCA Cheerleaders?

Our cheerleaders are a special group of kids! The teams are comprised of girls from over 20 different local school districts. They have been taught to work together as a team and the importance of working hard to reach goals. However, they have fun being a cheerleader and many have developed friendship that will last for decades. Some of the girls have been cheering at FCA for over 13 years. There are still members of our ‘original peewee’ team that started in 2001 active and cheering at FCA!

Who Coaches the FCA Gems?

We have an experienced coaching staff that works with all the FCA teams. The cheerleading coaches are certified by USASF up to level 5. We also have great gymnastics instructors that work with the cheerleaders on the tumbling needed for their cheer routines. ALL of the members of the coaching staff work hard to make sure each individual works toward their individual goals while learning to be a productive, valued member of their cheer team.

Where do the teams practice?

All FCA Gems teams practice at the 9000 square foot gym located in Sarver. In addition to having 2 54’x42′ spring floors, it is equipped with a 40′ tumbletrak, 30′ air trak and various wedges, octagons, trapezoids, donuts, cushion landing mats, mailboxes…