Competition Pointers and Rules – please be sure to read over this information

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Crystals, Jade, Morganite, CZ’s, Garnet, Pearls, Tiny Topaz, Amethyst, Emeralds, Fire Opals & Citrines – please cheer loud for as many teams as possible!! 

Tickets – Fans can purchase their tickets onsite at the event center at the Convention Center at 7:00 AM.
Tickets for the event are $20. Cash or Credit. Ages 3 and Under Free.

Concessions – There will be concession stands inside of the venue and open all day.
The center does not allow outside food and beverage to be brought into venue.

– Awards ceremonies will take place on the performance mat at the
dedicated time on the schedule.
All Division placement teams will receive championship sublimated team banners
and individual sublimated banners. Grand Champions per level will receive
championship rings available onsite at the event in sizes,6,8 and 10.
Bids – We are thrilled to be handing out 1 paid and 6 at large cheer bids to the 2023
All Star Worlds and 3 at large dance bids. The All-Star Worlds Bids will be awarded
on the Bid Show on Tuesday at 6:30 CST on the Open Championship Series
Facebook Page.
Bids Declaration – The highest overall ranking eligible team will win the paid bid.
We will then award one at large bid in levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and then the last at
large bid to the next highest-ranking team regardless of level. Since we are using two
different score sheets at the event the judges will have final say over who wins the

• Masks are NOT required for the event, however if you, your athletes, or fans would feel more
comfortable in a mask we encourage you to wear one.
• All athletes will need to arrive fully dressed and competition ready. The bathrooms will be
open in the facility but do NOT need to be used for congregating and getting ready.
• There will be no water stations. Athletes should bring a personal water bottle to the event and
can bring it into the warmup room.