Below are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions

“If after I read all of the info on this page and still have a question, who do I contact?”

It is best to email with all fundraising questions.


“What opportunities are there for fundraising at FCA?”

At FCA, there are several different fundraising options available. We typically do the following fundraisings:

Point of Sale – These are things like Sarris Candy, Tupperware, Oakbrook, etc….
—-Every year we do Sarris Candy sales
—-Other events are scheduled as people request to do them throughout the year

Petersen Event Center Activities – These are the events held at the PEC and are typically concerts and Pitt Basketball games.
—-There is no training required for these events.
—-If there are more people than are needed for an event, individuals are cut on a rotating basis. However, individuals that work the preseason games (which typically pay less), will be the last people cut and will not be cut unless everybody working also did the preseason games.

PNC Park Pirate Games and Concerts
—-Training is required to work these games (3 classes)
——–TEAM – alcohol training good for 3 years
——–SLAM – customer service for the Pirates taken every season
——–ServSafe – safe food handling taken every season

—-There are a minimum number of games that individuals must work each season in order to be trained. If you sign up and then fail to work that number of games, you will not be permitted to work PNC, Heinz or PEC the following season.
—-All workers must be 18 years of age
—-All workers must be willing to run a cash register

Heinz Field — Pitt & Steeler Football games and other random events
—-Training is required to work these games (2 classes)
——–TEAM – alcohol training good for 3 years
——–ServSafe – safe food handling taken every season

—-All workers must be 18 years of age
—-All workers must be willing to run a cash register


“If I had to take ServSafe at my ‘real’ job can I skip taking it?”

No. We have asked in the past and everybody must take Aramark ServSafe every year. We realize that the class taken for other locations is typically much more comprehensive, but regardless the expectation is that all workers attend the class held by Aramark.


“If I took SLAM and ServSafe late in the Summer, can I work until that date the following season without taking SLAM and ServSafe again?”

No. SLAM and ServSafe are a seasonal thing. SLAM is good only for the baseball season that you took the class. Servsafe is good from the beginning of baseball season through the end of football season.



“How long does it take for the funds to appear in my account after an event has been worked?”

How long it takes for them to appear depends on a wide variety of factors, including:

•Type of Event or Fundraiser
•Whether the check/checks we receive are correct
•How long it takes for them to send the check
•When the individual entering the information has time to do it

The rule of thumb is that you should not expect ANYTHING to be in your account for 6 weeks after the date of the event. For SCRIPs the ‘date of the event’ is the last day of the month.

Many times items will get into your account much sooner, but that is never a guarantee.


“I want to fundraise, but want the funds in my account sooner than the posted 6 week time period. What should I do?”

There is no guarantee on when the funds will be available in your account. If you need a guarantee on when they will get there, you should find an alternative means of making money such as a part time job and then manually add the funds to your FCA account by leaving checks with Flo.


“I want to work PNC but none of the scheduled training dates are convenient for me. How do I get trained?”

We do not schedule the training dates. Aramark provides them to us and we have to fit people into them the best that we can. If you are unable to make any of the posted dates, then the suggestion would be to watch and see if any additional dates become available.


“How do I know how much money I have in my FCAPO account?”

There is a link on your account page (same place you go to get to your link for your FCA account). That will take you into your FCAPO account and you can see the amount you have so far.

If you are new to fundraising, this will appear either whenever we are paid for the first event in which you participated OR when we get a chance to set it up — whichever is sooner.


“How do I use funds to pay for FCA expenses?”


You complete an online funds transfer request. Your funds will be transferred with the next transfer.

The form can be found on the website on the ‘forms’ page and on your individual account page (the one where you select to view either your FCA or FCAPO account).

This is a manual process.  All transfer requests received by the last day of the month will be processed the first week of the month and you will see them come out of your FCAPO account and into your FCA account by around the 15th of the month.  You will see the funds come out of your FCAPO account when the transfer is done and then you will see it go into your FCA account. HOWEVER, this involves Flo receiving a check and a list of names and manually then putting it into your FCA account. Therefore, you will see a time delay between when it comes out of your FCAPO account and when it goes into your FCA account.

NOTE: You can only transfer the funds that are currently in your account. However, you can put to transfer ALL so that if more comes in between the time you request it and when the transfer is actually done, those funds will get transferred also.  If you request fund transfers more than once during the month, only the LAST transfer request will be honored.  Therefore, if you think you are going to need more funds transferred, it is best to wait until late in the month to make your request to ensure the amount you want gets transferred.  If there are multiple requests and the wrong amount gets transferred, it will be corrected the following month.

NOTE:  All transfers must be for a minimum of $20 unless transferring all funds in your FCAPO account or it is the very end of the season and will be your final transfer for the season.


“How do I use funds to request reimbursement for travel expenses?”

You print out an Expense Reimbursement Request Form, complete it, scan it and all applicable receipts into your computer and send it to A check will be written out and left at the desk at the gym for you. When the check is ready for pickup, you will receive an email back letting you know.

The form can be found on the website on the ‘forms’ page and on your individual account page (the one where you select to view either your FCA or FCAPO account).


“Why does the FCAPO take 5% off of every fundraiser?”

It is used to handle routine expenses of the organization – such as liability insurance, tax preparation, post office box fees, checks, banking fees, QuikBooks, etc…….

Also, in order to participate in the venues listed above, the organization is required to have nonprofit 501c(3) status. In those rules, it requires that all members of the program (every cheerleader) benefit, even if they do not participate in the fundraising activities. These funds are also used to fulfill that requirement. In the past it has been used to by the cheerleaders bags, bows, etc…

None of the 5% is paid out to any individuals for anything, nor does Flo receive any of it.