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Gym:  (724) 353-9000


What are the Gems?

The FCA Gems are successful, competitive cheer teams based out of Sarver, PA. There are teams at various levels for athletes from ages 3 and up! There are different programs available depending upon the cheerleader’s age and level of time and financial commitment desired. Please call the gym at 724.353.9000 for information. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Who are the FCA Gems?

Our cheerleaders are a special group of kids! The teams are comprised of girls and boys from over 20 different local school districts. They have been taught to work together as a team and the importance of working hard to reach goals. However, they have fun being a cheerleader and many have developed friendship that will last for decades. Some of our cheerleaders cheered at FCA for 15 seasons. 

Who Coaches the FCA Gems?

We have an experienced coaching staff that works with all the FCA teams. Some of our coaches have come from successful teams in other states, just to work with this program. The cheerleading coaches are certified by USASF up to level 5. We also have great gymnastics instructors that work with the cheerleaders on the tumbling needed for their cheer routines. ALL of the members of the coaching staff work hard to make sure each individual works toward their individual goals while having fund learning to be a productive, valued member of their cheer team.

Where do the teams practice?

We currently have a state of the art private facility located at 732 Ekastown Road in Sarver, PA.

FCA Gems

732 Ekastown Rd., Sarver, PA 16055

Phone: 724.353.9000